About Charles E. Self, Ph.D.,

Dr. Charlie Self, “Messenger to the Thoughtful’, is a leader with a unique gift of clarity. He offers “insights for impact” that encourage and empower all people to dream and do above and beyond the norm.

Charlie’s speaking and writing offers an unusual blend of depth and simplicity. Hearers and readers are invited to live with passion and principle, avoiding the traps of self-destruction and self-promotion.

Charlie is a coach, a communicator, a minister and a professor, with over two decades of experience in business, education and service in Europe and the USA.

Charlie is a regular guest on the Brian Sussman talk-radio show on KSFO 560 AM. (www.ksfo.com). He is ‘Dr. History’, providing humorous and insightful facts to guide the perplexed toward sanity.

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